About Us

Faversham Chandlery was established in 1999, originally trading as Faversham Creek Chandlery, with the objective of providing maritime, boating and leisure products and services to both professional and recreational sailors. Originally from a small retail shop, rapidly expanding to accommodate a larger range of products with growing demand.

The business was sold in December 2007 allowing the founder of the business to begin a well-deserved retirement. The chandlery however continued to serve its loyal and growing customer base much as it had before supplying an ever- growing range of products.

In 2014 the business changed hands again with the then owner moving away to a new area and new projects.

As before the business continues to live on and grow, recently branching out into the world of mail order allowing the range of products, services, and years of knowledge to serve a much wider range of customers. As with all businesses the chandlery must develop with the changing face of retail and the way our customers wish to shop. With this in mind, the team are currently working on developing an Ebay shop. Which is live and selling. This is a work in progress and growing every day. With the ultimate aim being able to offer the same great range of products and knowledge to the wider online sailing and boating community that our local customers benefit from.

That said, we feel a retail shop where customers can come and browse a wide range of items, products and options available is a vital part of the service we offer. The key to this being instantly available help and advice “over the counter” when its required. On many occasions the team have been offered an old, broken, sometimes dripping, (with oil, water or diesel) “something” to identify and replace or service. Many times, a quick chat with us can turn a daunting problem in to a quick and easy fix. No question is too daft ask away we are always keen to help.

Our shop is based in a traditional boat yard on the North Kent coast (find us on Google Maps), where a wide range of enthusiasts undertake a vast array of projects ranging from “new builds” and full restoration to a short “lift out” for routine maintenance and then a return to their seasons sailing. The team are here to help, from a single nut and bolt, a replacement rope, a tin of paint, or a full electrical or plumbing system.

Looking to the future, the chandlery team are developing a range of products aimed at camping, caravanning and motor home users. This is a sector we have become steadily more and more involved in over recent times with many products and systems becoming interchangeable and many of our suppliers serving both sectors. This is an area of our business that we hope to grow and develop over the coming seasons.

The team are always working hard in the background to develop the business and to bring new products and services to our customers.